ACCT – Advanced Cleaning and Coating Technology
The groundbreaking, green alternative to surface texturing, cleaning, and coating of metals.

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CAP Technologies offers a patented, environmentally friendly, unique single process for the surface texturing, cleaning, and/or coating of metals. Electro Plasma Technology (EPT) process allows CAP Technologies to process materials of different sizes and shapes, while retaining the properties of the base metal, at a price comparable to existing processes. Our process allows multiple strands of wire/rod to be processed at the same time, while greatly reducing corrosive properties. The EPT process of depositing coatings produces results significantly better than coatings deposited using conventional methods.

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EPT Process Can Be Used To Apply Specialty Coatings!

CAP’s EPT coating process can be used to apply specialty coatings such as Silver. Silver is known for its thermal, electrical, and anti-microbial properties, and is used in the electronics and medical industries. For more information on this application, visit our Products section.

CAP Can Reduce Scrap

Using our patented process, CAP is able to reclaim materials that would otherwise be scrapped due to corrosion damage. The photos below are of tire cord rod stock that would have normally been scrapped due to its condition. With our process, the wire was cleaned, coated, and drawn to as much as 90% or more reduction in cross-sectional area with no problems whatsoever. Contact us for more information on reclaiming less-than-prime materials.


A new standard for cleaning and coating metals using Electrolytic Plasma Technology (EPT) has been approved by ASTM. The standard will be A1093.

Zn or Zn-Ni coated High carbon rod can be direct drawn with up to 95% reduction in area without any intermediate patenting and with no lubricant carrier at speeds above 1000 fpm.

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EPT is enviornmentally friendly

No harmful chemicals, no additional chemicals, no hazardous byproduct, no solid waste.

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Save time with EPT

Time required for cleaning and coating is less than other conventional operations resulting in a smaller operation.

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CAP Technologies is Environmentally Friendly

EPT is an environmentally friendly and GREEN process, which provides alternatives to harsh, environmentally unsafe, injurious acids.

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